Despite its large number of user members, the WhatsApp can often be slow to introduce highly anticipated new features. Dark Mode is still in the works, but fingerprint unlocking has arrived on iOS a few months ago. It’s finally available in the latest beta channel update in the Android app.

When you have version 2.19.221 installed, you should see the Fingerprint Lock option in Settings> Privacy, but it can also be connected to a server side switch, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right away. ۔ You may be able to force it out of the app by deleting and installing it, but if you do, make sure you back up your chat!

Once you have the option, it’s pretty straightforward. The WhatsApp will talk to your phone and allow your saved biometric credentials to work with the app, then you will be asked if you want to lock it as soon as you close it or 30 seconds / Wait 1 minute? There is also an option that allows you to hide the contents of the notification when locked.

To update the WhatsApp beta to the latest version, visit the Play Store or download it from the APK icon. This feature will switch to a stable version within a stipulated time.

Updated: 2019/08/14 3:36 AM PDT via Sky screens.
Available for more with new updates.

As many people have pointed out in the comments, another new update has emerged that makes this feature even more user-friendly. With beta version 2.19.222, most people should unlock a fingerprint if not most.

In a less welcome step, you’ll also see ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ at the bottom of the settings change. Don’t remind us!

If you are not yet available on the Play Store you can download v2.19.222 from the APK Mirror. But be careful, this will not work unless you are already part of the son.

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