Top 3 Apps

1- Remove Unwanted Object

With this application you can remove the image of an unwanted object, you can delete your personality, delete object, sticker or text on your photo. It’s all free!

This is one of the best applications that allows you to extract unwanted content from your photos using your finger tip. It helps to easily save your image into a simple image processing, fast, efficient and easy to use.

How to use?

  1. Pick picture from camera or gallery
  2. Select the items you want to remove that is selected in the red
  3. Press the press button and see the magic on your photo
  4. Save or share this photo to your friends

Main Features:
Delete telephone wires and posts, power lines
Break the level and remove scratches
Remove unwanted person
Finish pimples and skin guns

  • Stop human beings such as stop lights, road signs, trash cans
    Remove unwanted sticker or text
  • Remove any of the pictures you make

Download Now and Enjoy!

2- GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

Glassware makes it easy to use your mobile data usage, data range, and Wi-Fi internet activity in real-time. Immediately see how to blow up your phone’s Internet connection or disrupt your mobile data.
Try GlassWire to try and see that your WiFi and mobile data is being used at this time.

Main Features
• Glass wire data warning keeps you under the limit of your data and saves you money on your monthly phone bill. To avoid extra fees, be warned before reaching your carrier data limit.
• View a real time graph with which apps are using your mobile carrier data or Wi-Fi internet connection.
• Accesses a new app network and starts using Wi-Fi or mobile data every time.
• Return to see how many apps already used mobile data in weeks or months. See previous WiFi or mobile usage day or month.
• To set zero-ranking apps on the screen “Data Plan” screen, that will not use the data that is calculated against your data plan.
• Check glassware speed meter to see real-time data usage on its notification bar.
• Help suspicious app activity by protecting your privacy and the live graph of glassware.
• Block apps from connecting to the network, or allow or deny the new connection before the glassware mobile firewall starts with.

Protect your privacy
Our company was specially established to protect the people’s privacy and security. We earn money by selling our app, not selling your data to third parties. Your data and app usage information with glassware never miss your phone.

Unlike apps with glassware firewall premium firewall
Quickly allow or refuse the new app connection with a glassware new mobile firewall. Glasses Wiper AP can prevent Wi-Fi connection, mobile connection, or simultaneously! Glassway premiums are also unlimited themes.
For just $ 4.99 (trial trial) you will be able to support online privacy and complete access to all of our premium features. Glass Glass never cope with advertisements or violates your privacy.
Touch our left menu at our app and to support your work, install “Upgrade Free Glass Wide Mobile” and try our new fiber wall for free. Your support is needed to help you improve the glasses and you will have access to the features of the new future.

Supported mobile networks and providers
Glassware works great with Visas, T-Mobile, Vodafone and ATT, including many different mobile data providers and telecom worldwide. It is compatible with 3G, 4G, Edge, GPS, WiFi, and more telecommunications networks. Glassware can also provide you with internet access warnings if you have cable, DSL, or satellite ISP data caps.

Glassware Android Overview
“Glass for Android now shows what your data has been eaten” – Slash Gear
“Glassware free android app helps you monitor the use of app data” – Daddy Life
“Best Android Security Apps to Stop Your Phone” – Daily Dot

How can we improve the glasses?
Please join our forum forums in our forum. And tell us, or email us on [email protected]

Bug and Trouble Reporting
Find Big or someone else? Go to the top left-three line menu button inside the GlassWire app, then select “Send Feedback” with debug log so that we can fix the problem.
We also have Hug Bounty program for hackers.

Thanks for trying GlassWire and we hope to earn your business and confidence!

Sincerely, glass team

3- Safari Central: Wildlife AR

Restore your world! The Safari Center brings wild animals through the magic of increasing the reality in their world. With an incredible dynamic animal to capture them and with superb photographic tools, this is an app for you to deliberate photography fun.

“Great! The original elephants we read in life before your eyes, wherever you are!” – space for space, Kenya

Real audience!
All animals in the Safari center are based on real individual animals, WFF-Brazil, Conservation International, Sosal Foundation, Olympic Painting Consortium, space for space tooth and Chicago Zoology Society. We deal with love and mobilize them in 3D … to bring you closer than ever! And too much to come very soon!

Mutual photography
Backup and front-facing camera means that you can take your favorite animal into your environment … or you can capture yourself through your own famous comedy comedy.

Achievement is easy to get
Use our easy print marker, or just bank note in your pocket!

Get off and get ready!
Learn more about individual animals, amazing wildlife organizations that support them, and learn how to help them directly.

Get Safari Center to meet Abbey Lemer, Ethyl Gradly Bear, Mooreuria African Elephant, Atiya Jaguar, Rock Star Ground Pongolin and Lola Black Reno.

Maximum to come!

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