Talkie Talk is banned in Pakistan

By | January 7, 2019

Talkie Talk is banned in Pakistan, and by January 10, 2019, TalkTock will completely shut Pakistan. Regarding the social media application Taki Talk, this news has been reported as a result of a complaint lodged by a Pakistani in Nowshera. The complaint was filed on the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Civil Portal app that the Tick Tok app has been threatened for Pakistan so that it should stop.

Talk to Pakistan is the worst hit by Pakistan
Basically, Talkie Talk is a very popular app that people use to make short videos. This is a nice charming app but Pakistan’s people use it in any way wrong. According to some people, this app is affecting our society negatively. Just for example, we come across a number of videos where girls and boys are sexually transmitting any song or conversation.

As everyone has smartphones and access to the Internet, it affects the app affecting young girls and boys living in Pakistan, who are spending mostly on apps rather than their studies. According to Market Analysis firm Sensor Tour, this app was the most downloaded on Apple’s App Store in the first half of the year. He has hit titles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapch.

This app is popular among young girls, but it offers them to deal with “cast comments and other potentially corrupt”. Some media reports about users are annoying, such as for personal contact information or for user-friendly images.

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