Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Unlock and safely from your Windows PC using your Android’s fingerprint sensor.

To work, you need to install the fingerprint credit-provider module on your Windows PC (Windows Vista / 7/8/10). Please select the same version: 64-bit or x86 for 32-bit windows installations x64. You can download it here:

When the module screen is enabled, therefore, to connect to your computer, add an account, close your computer (from windows keyl, or from start menu).

Please be sure that some manufacturers may not fully implement the required Google Fingerprint APIs or they do not execute them properly, so even though your smartphone may have a fingerprint sensor, this app The event may appear as sync, initially accident or not. Do it all right Unfortunately, I can not do anything about it, the entire protection of this app is based on the Google Safe Fingerprint API.

How to use the app

First of all, be sure that the Windows module you found on the above link is installed.
Go to the scan menu (make sure your computer is on the login screen) and drag to refresh or press the refresh button.
Select and save your computer.
Now, go to the Accounts menu and add an account. Enter the Windows account that you want to unlock, scan your fingerprint and add.
Next, track the name of the account while scanning your fingerprint.
You are now setting up! You should now open your computer.


• Log in / disable an account
• Simple, user friendly UI
• Safe
Local / Microsoft / Domain * Support Support
• Light / Black / Black (AMOLED Friendly) UI Themes
• Support local network / WiFi tableging

  • At this time, domain accounts are only supported on Windows 8’s latest (1.0.3) version of Windows 8 computers. Please keep in mind that your account has to work on the loop screen. It does not work to log in to users in other users’ menu. In the app, the same name as shown on lockscreen as well (including domain name, case sensitive), combined with the same password

Pro Features:
• Removing Ads
• Adding multiple computers
• Adding more than one computer per account
• Week-on-line
• Unlock the widget
• More planning features

Due to the utility app, please make sure to read F.Q.Q. Because it contains many useful information that can help you solve any problem that you can face:

If you have a Pro Upgrade, you can wake up on the lawn by tapping on the desired computer and sending “WoL-Packet Send”.

The mind is being made with security, app:
• Can be used safely on the public network. All data is encrypted.
• Encrypts information stored on the user’s computer using a unique key that identifies the installation of the app.
• Does not store any passwords in the Android app.
• Also prevent invaders from accessing your computer – if the attacker knows your PIN and adds his fingerprint, the app is notified immediately and automatically Void your key to yourself, which always loses information about the private app stored.

Possible future updates:

• Support Linux
• Close the computer with the app
• Notifying when one of your computers arises
• Bluetooth support
• Lock time

C: \ Windows \ System32 found in LogonUI.exe to ensure incoming traffic to your Firewall and both Outlook (TCP and UDP). If you are using Windows Firewall, you will be asked to install.

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