Racing Xtreme 2: Top Monster Truck & Offroad Fun – App Review

Racing Xtreme 2: Top Monster Truck & Offroad Fun – App Review

The new game Monster Truck Racing Game is available at the end of the GOOGLE game!

Destroy your opponents on the head of the monster with Monster Truck Race! Yes, completely new monster truck racing simulator game. Jump behind the ultimate powerful monster truck, fire in the fire, drive 4×4 off-road monsters fast, and sharpen your eyes with racing jumps on beautiful hills and valves. Areas!


Choose from 30 extreme high performance monster trucks!
Enjoy extreme 3D scenes and have fun!
Jump, jump and jump! Jump through the mountains and jump the largest and magnificent monster truck and perform stunts!
Proof of your skills in challenging challenges!
Upgrade your cars with new tires, nights, paths, engines, gear, boosters and body!
Take part in the power of monster monster truck drivers!
Drive 4×4 cars and break your rivals for racing in the head!
Test your truck driver’s skills on dirty racing tracks!
On the top of winning and winning leaderboards online on the world of monsters!

  • Race for glory, get the best racing results and become elite racer!
    Get the best choice of trucks!

Endless fun and various methods
Do you really want to drive the monster truck in real life? great! Now it is time to test your driving capabilities and decide on the type of truck you choose! Choose your favorite truck and test bass racing racing, racing racing, limited racing, extreme racing, a competition and daily race mode! Online leader orders top climb and break other monster truck driver!

Monster Truck World
Which is the best ride? you do! To become a new monster truck driver in the world, you can move fast! Last quest for a fire in the American countryside, finally the end of the powerful monster truck! Enjoy the fully designed world with beautiful valleys, mountains, lakes and railways. Appreciate the amazing view, and keep your eyes on the road, rivals and close ramps! High speed, dragon racing, competition in dashes, victory over the mountains and climbing – the race is just starting!

Run, jump and jump
If you are a fan of Monster Truck Game, Truck Game or RC Rally Game, then this game will be in your favorite game list. Once you want to get the best monster truck performance and speed, on the other hand, do you always care about the best, possible truck design? Well, forget about casual arcade car racing! Perhaps you know that a monster truck is a sniper truck with a big suspension and big tires, usually for the use of leisure. Find an ideal solution with many options to customize and upgrade your fire-breathing vehicle and capture your gear.

Reduce and crush your monsters
Racing 2 Extreme 2 tells you that you have to go to the Monster Truck Show! This fast racing simulation has never been good! Behind the wheel, speed to reach the maximum, climb the leaderboard and show your rivals! Mark your power in the road monster truck competition with speed and power. Get it now – go between Off-Road Action! Die on dragon racing or try to die!

Now it’s time to go on your monster truck, customize, customize your gear, and show how Dragon Racing is on the finish line. If you are interested in fighting then surely will be tested, then the most intense racing game will be ready! Now join the racing truck of extreme racing and climb up!

Download and play for extremely fast, amazing stunts and Edin!

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