Drop in P Pub: New State, creator of Puberg Kan Battlegrounds, the latest title from Pub Studio.
Using a variety of weapons and tactics, the 100 survivors will face as long as only one player or team stands.
With the Blue Zone still shrinking, players must find weapons, vehicles and usable equipment to gain the upper hand.
In this epic showdown, only the “strong survivors” will emerge.

▶ Ultra realistic graphics that push the boundaries of mobile gaming
Graphics that surpass the standard of mobile gaming with global illumination technology.
Drop into the massively open worlds that feature the most realistic graphics available for mobile gaming.
With next-generation mobile graphics, PubG: New State delivers the full combat experience directly to players.

▶ Realistic and dynamic gun play
Enjoy the realistic ganples required for mobile gaming optimization.
Master different weapons and make each one your own by customizing the weapon.

  • Survival of the next generation
    Enjoy a variety of tools and features, including drones, combat roles and more.
    Explore 8×8 km of open worlds with the help of numerous vehicles.
    Use a variety of weapons to swing the battle in your favor to experience a deeper battle.

P PUBG Expanding the universe
Set in the near future, years have passed since the original game. In 2051, after the reign of anarchy, several factions clashed.
The competition has turned into a modern battlefield with state-of-the-art technology that requires survivors to adopt new tactics to survive.

Smartphone access notification

[Access Permission Required]

  • Storage: Access is required to install and store data for the game.

[Optional access permissions]

  • Microphone: Access is required to use voice chat features in the game.

[How to remove access permissions]

  • Android 6.0 or higher
  1. Remove Access Per Feature: Settings> Applications> More (Settings and Controls)> App Settings> App Access> Select Access Permissions> Select Access
  2. Remove Access Per App: Settings> Applications> Select App> Select Access Permissions> Select Access
  • Android 5.1.1 or lower
    Removing an application due to operating system limitations is the only way to remove access permissions.
    We recommend that you update to the Android operating system version.

[Product Information and Terms of Use]
Additional charges will be levied on the purchase of paid items.
Duration and Terms of Use: Follow the details given in the game
(Assume that the term will be until the end of the service period.

  • Payment and Payment Methods: Each product follows a separate payment amount and procedure
    (Payment amount may vary depending on currency exchange rates and should be paid in foreign currency)
  • Product distribution method: Instant distribution in game identification (character)
  • Minimum device distribution: Android 6.0 or higher, 2.5 GB RAM


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