Magic Tiles 3 App Review

Magic Tiles ™

In Magic Tile 3 ™ 2018 thousands of free games are one of the most loved ones in which more than 80 million players worldwide.

Update feature

  • New size (originally by Allen Walker): The new theme and effects of the game completely and play the game and amazing songs.
    Starter Package: Opportunity to Get Coin Diamonds Remove more than 75% of ads. Do not hesitate, just come and catch!
    In addition, this game collects every new and popular song every week in every song chart of this week. In addition, when the speed is too high, you can collect Easter Eggs with hidden gifts.
    Thus, this is a special version with various genres of piano games with diverse devices such as guitar, drums, and especially piano! Magic Tile 3 was one of the most popular new games, which is presented by 2017, which offers high quality piano songs and beautiful gameplay to the user.
    Let’s play games on your mobile – one of the best new free games!
    Rules of the game:
    It’s like other piano games, after you avoid the white tile you just tap the dark tiles and enjoy the wonderful music in this game.
    Sports Features:
    Band mode where you can play with more devices such as guitar, piano, and others.
    Battle mode offers players an opportunity to compete with others around the world, which includes Magic Tile 3 ™ is a unique piano online.
    Especially, the advanced feature of the war mode – custom match – which you compete with your friends directly and compete what you want.
    High quality piano songs, and some famous pop music, which are often updated
    Challenge mode allows users to rate the world’s top ranking rate to improve the speed of their tip.
    So, prepare and try the amazing piano game for free! Attractive piano online, which is difficult to challenge you.
    Permission: To provide a custom experience, we will request “storage” permission when you download this game.
    Now become a real panger! And now catch the trend with this new piano game 2018!
    Do you have any problem? Send email to [email protected] or contact us at the game
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