Last Shelter: Survival

Your mission, survive

Destroy the war
The virus has spread worldwide, and most humans are now zombies. At this time of trouble, we have to ensure our survival!
“Commander, build your base, and save people from zombies!”
Light the flame of humanity! Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival

The content of the game

Build your city: To survive, you have to create your own base
You start small, but you will grow faster, you have to be strong, so you can protect more and more people!
Plan your structure properly, this place is valuable.

Search or start the alliance: People are scattered worldwide, find your friends, establish unity and save yourself from your enemies.

  • Select Class: You can choose one of the three classes to be happy in your own way!
    -But: Train different units and fight for your empire!


[Last Refugee: Survival] is a massively multiplayer player, zombie struggling strategy game. The player will take the role of a small shelter, in which a surviving world-born world can prevent an adoptive zombie to survive. Build your foundation and prepare your kingdom. Train your soldiers and fill the legendary hero. Protect your base and attack your enemies. Your allies sometimes join the end of the war with glory and wisdom.
To survive or change one of the Walking Dead, the choice is yours!

Unique features

Worldwide war
The enemies of war around the world lead the greatness of their empire and fight the last man’s standing.

Islamic graphics
From heroes maps, everything looks very realistic and creates a complete post-application experience.

Build your Portland Land Empire
Brand new city building, facilities upgrading to stay a new day to conquer the new facility, R & D, warriors, and outstanding training and powerful heroes recruitment.

Diamond system
Whether you want to attack your enemies from distance, protect nearby amenities, or enjoy your base or field promotion, then its heroes that can help you with it!

Strategic Gameplay
The set of single units cannot win victory, warrior, shooters, and vehicles, you face your enemy and your world warrior.

Ultrasonic Warfare
Whether it is against different servers, or to fight for the title of the house, your allies will always support you, as long as you find the right people in the course.

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