Jazz Call Sms history

Manage Your Jazz Account Jazz World

Welcome to Jazz Digital Experience. Jazz World is a free solution to all your jazz / wired accounts. Now you can easily manage your account with a few accounts.


  • View your prepaid balance and postpaid bill
  • Keep track of your usage and the remaining MB, minutes and SMS
  • See expiration date for your subscribed packages on prepaid numbers
    Subscribe to your favorite packages and offers
    Log in with a click when using the Jazz Data Network
  • You manganese with jazz global account
  • Get packages and offers especially recommended for your use
  • Recharge prepaid balance using JazzCash, credit / debit card or scratch card and pay a postpaid bill
  • Get special discounted bundle
    View and download your usage date
  • Order new or replacement SIMs and reach them to your door
  • And much more!
    Stay tuned for more interesting features!


User reviews
Emman Awan
February 1, 2019
Unsafe app, the only useless, the only source of installing a network provider’s app is that SMS, data, and mess messaging is not the main function for the remaining minutes. What a scam
Mohammad ibn Yusuf
February 1, 2019
This ward does not work for the customers, and the genetics already took my ward app in favor of one in which you have a problem of popping up for almost every single action.
Google user
January 31, 2019
The app is the latest update, Linux * * 5555 # k free gift bundle free minute, SMS, MM email address, free download free jazz, SMS, MM show show. Please update this section and stay for details of the air. Thanks
Jazz Pakistan January 28, 2019
Hi there, thanks for your feedback. We will see it. Please keep up for the latest information.
Google user
February 1, 2019
The AP app said that other ADDA networks, along with other networks, can be contacted with them.
Margin Afridi
February 1, 2019
I was just waiting for this wonderful app. I’m using a telephone app that is friendly but Jazz World App is the best. _ Add it for a minimum date for at least one month and separate separate and future details separately.
Jazz Pakistan January 28, 2019
Hey, it’s good to hear it. We are working very hard on the app so it is amazing to know that you are enjoying your experience. Remember, if you need any help or have any questions, then we are just a few tubes. We have mentioned your proposal for the date range.
Google user
February 1, 2019
Jazz cash was not shown in minutes and SMS usage, another good attempt of the Jazz team.
وقق ربانی
February 1, 2019
The overall good app, but still maintains the balance of the minute, the minute minute’s function is missing. Make your Tutorial like Apple
Jazz Pakistan January 14, 2019
Hello Dedication, 1. Go to the Dashboard and check the “Restore” section. 2. Click “View Details” section to see more in front of the deals. 3. All your packages and their remaining use are given in the section. Click on dial to check out a special offer. If your problem continues, email your number at [email protected]
The app is becoming a lot better but still some menu is not working like, call for ward users and nothing in SMS bundles. The same is happening with VAS. In addition, details of all packages are impossible and even after clicking “More details” it is unusual. Like hour …
Jazz Pakistan January 30, 2019
Hello Mom, Thank you for highlighting these issues. We are watching it; Keep tuning for more features and updates.
Mushtaq Ahmed
January 22, 2019
The application is not marked with the app free free references surf because mobile phones on mobile phones … More App Free Reverse Surf displays the remaining SMS and MB show
Jazz Pakistan January 24, 2019
Hi Morning, the remaining minutes will be shown only if you have subscribed to a sound or hybrid bundle. If you face any other problem, please email us with the details of your number and issue [email protected]
Adel Herrchch
January 22, 2019
The overall features are amazing. Add more features to this so that we can become more comfortable but there is a problem that I will face, the rest of the mbs, sms and minutes could not be found. Help solve this issue as soon as possible and solve this problem.
Jazz Pakistan January 23, 2019
Hi Adel, 1. Go to the Dashboard and check the “Restricted Usage” section. 2. Click “View Details” section to see more in front of the deals. 3. All your packages and their remaining use are given in the section. Click on dial to check out a special offer

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