Insaf Imdad App

Submit financial aid applications to the Govt. of Punjab, Insaf Imdad App

Insaf Imdad App

which will be assessed and verified and the processed to give financial support to the applicant Insaf Imdad App

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Sardar Usman Buzdar on Monday approved the Rs10 billion for the Punjab CM Insaaf Imdad Package.

Insaf Imdad

Chairing a meeting here at his office, the chief minister directed the relevant quarters to launch the package at the earliest by providing financial assistance to the needy families through a foolproof mechanism.

He added that financial assistance of Rs4000 each would be distributed among 2.5 million deserving families.

Provincial Ministers Raja Basharat, Mian Aslam Iqbal, Hashim Jawan Bakht, Chief Secretary, Senior Member Board of Revenue,

Chairman P&D, ACS (Infrastructure), secretaries of Finance, Information and P&D departments, and Chairman PITB attended the meeting.

Buzdar said that financial grant under the relief package would be in addition to relief package of the federal government to facilitate the daily wagers Insaf Imdad App

Giving details of the package, Buzdar said that applications would be received online and after verification of the antecedents,

Insaf Imdad

the money would be transferred online, while complaints in this regard could also be registered online.

He directed that the application form be made simple and only necessary information like names, CNICs and mobile phone numbers of the applicants be collected.

The Punjab government, he said, had taken unprecedented steps to cope with coronavirus and the impecunious families would not be left alone Insaf Imdad App.

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Muneeb KhanMarch 30, 20202Sir we salute u. Aj yaqeen ho gya k hm ny apna vote zaya nai kiya. Sir hm apny muhaly m ek choti c orgnization chlaty hyen jis m ham frnds mil k jo ho sky krty hyen or yh app hmary bht zyada mufeed hai. Thnk u Respected P.M nd C.M.

Akas InternationalMarch 30, 20205Tehsil Raiwand is not in the lahore list. Especially Jia Bagga Raiwind Road. There is a poor family, I want to help. Please sort it out ASAP. Thanks

Links OnlineMarch 30, 20208Weldone Imran Khan and Usman Buzdar for such a good work like no one can do before this, you digitalize pakistan technology with the passage of time. Great Khan Sb. Team IK Information #NK


Pizza HutMarch 30, 202055Well done punjab govt . i have download this aap for my poor relatitonship.

Ahmad NaumanMarch 30, 20201Its good app…but Sir gareeb log jo do wqt ki rotii mushkil say khatay hein unko kya pta k app kese chalaty hein….bhat problems aye gi aesy…

Zee ShanMarch 30, 202058زبردست عثمان بزدار صاحب اور پنجاب گورنمنٹ کا احسن اقدام۔ انشاءاللہ مستحق لوگوں تک حق پہنچے گا وہ بھی بغیر کسی شوبازی کے۔۔ 🇵🇰❤

Asim WattooMarch 30, 202057Good initiative form Punjab Govt.

sajid HussainMarch 30, 20202اگر یہ سب سچ ہے اور ہو بھی جائے تو اللہ اس حکومت کو سلامت رکھے، آمین

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Abdul JalilMarch 30, 20205Very good app for helping poors and about poverty.Thanks PM Pakistan Imran Khan.

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