Improve the FPS in PUBG with GFX Tool for PUBG

The GFX tool for PUBG helps you to set up game graphics through the best optimization

App Features:
Change Resolution Resolution
Open HDR graphics on low-end end devices
Disable the extreme FPS level
Change graphic graphics style settings
Enable or disable the shadow
Anti anti-aligning is enabled or disabled or made it even better by X2, X4
Enable or disable GP GPU optimization


This is the most important part of the application-up setting. If you choose Version 0.7, this application will request access to Roots because its non-target FPS access is impossible. Worldwide and in Korea, recently, version 0.6 is still the latest version released. You must be sure how to play this game before you try to run through the GFX tool.


This part is beautifully explained. 1920 × 1080 is a game on 3 plus 3 runs, so preventing resolution by 960 × 540 means less pixels are needed at smooth bottom level.


Pub users have the graphics options available, but the user is not shown too much. Here you can enable super-high-envelope graphics that are not generally accessible, so you can try it if you want. It is less than smooth routine graphics, so it helps to get out of something else FPS.


This is the maximum FPS we want. You want to set it up to 60 as long as you are trying to avoid thermal throwing. Maximum flow, but more power is required.


Anti-aligning often removes the structure of “jaggedness”, but at the cost of performance. You will find the status of the FPS in disabling it.


In the game, the game consists of orange levels and colors. You do not have to worry about this setting because it is pure cosmetic.


After disabling the shadow, you have to face high performance, often a poor concept of disabling them in sports such as pub. They may be beneficial, so it is better to leave it “leave” and let the game decide.


The use of Volcan Wolfson’s APIs API refers to performance, but requires a supportive device. The latest devices should help Volcan, but if you fail to start the game, you need to make sure that this option is off. The attempt to use it on non-auxiliary devices will crash into the launch.
Step 3 – Start PUBG!

Now, this is a simple and fun part. All you have to do is “Accept” is hit. The accept button will switch to a run game button, so you all have to do the game is starting and you want to go. After the game starts, you should see that your settings are applied because the resolution will be reduced. Ride a game and give it a test drive, you should look worse than ever.

It’s about! PUBG should be a lot better now. As we have already said, we managed to double our FPS in our trial. Note that if it fails to work first, you may need to reboot your device again.

Because of this, the main reason for this work is that the screen solution is due to shrinking, and if you want to apply the same changes in other sports, you can use it as an application.

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