Huawei has immediately lost access to Android and Google

Huawei has immediately lost access to Android and Google

In a wonderful move, Google has effectively prevented its business operations from one of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers, HAVE – a report on Reuters notes. In addition to the open source in open business connection, anything related to the transfer of hardware and software products is included. If true, they can send shock envelopes around the world and affect large scale consumers and business impacts around the world.

According to Reuters,

“Household Technologies Co., Ltd. Huawei will lose access to updates to the Android operating system, and the next version of its smartphones outside China, including the Google Play Store and Gmail app, also includes popular applications and services. Will be “

On Friday, the Tomop Administration had added HIV to its commercial blacklist, and because HVV would be very difficult to do business with American companies. Google is one of the United States companies, using its open source operating system android with most users around the world.

This move will allow consumers of Huawei smartphones to be put in a lamb, they can not make any new Android updates, security patches, and even lose access to the Google Play Store, which is the Android phone Makes a huge part of it. The smartphones list includes recently introduced high-end flagship shops, including P30, P30 Pro, Matt 20 Pro, and the list continues.

HAVE, in recent recent quarter of 2019, sent more than 59 million smartphones, which makes a major part of powerful devices powered by Android operating systems. A source has been mentioned near the matter that Google had to end the relationship with HIV as a result of blacklisting of Howard USA. Otherwise, Samsung and other channel smartphone manufacturers were the biggest sellers of Android powerful devices in cheat by a good margin.

Huawei will have access to the open source version of the Android operating system licensed, which is available to everyone.

Eve has not commented on progress yet. But in a Japanese newspaper Nikki’s recent interview, Hawwa’s CEO’s narrative had mentioned, “The growth of HIV can slow down in the US ban, but just a bit.”

The recent move from Google is going to change the power game between different smartphone manufacturers, but only when Chinese smartphone companies and Chinese criticisms will respond and respond to it. Huawei has immediately lost access to Android and Google

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