How to Register Mobile in PTA Free

Mobile phone users that have more than one SIM/IMEI slot, where one IMEI is registered and the second hasn’t been registered, are advised to get them registered with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) before 31st August 2019.

To register such devices, users can send an email at [email protected] with the following details:

  1. Screenshot of the device showing all programmed IMEI
  2. Screenshot of device box showing IMEI(s)
  3. Copy of CNIC
  4. Contact details of applicants

PTA will evaluate all such requests, and validated cases will be registered accordingly. After 31st August 2019, the 2nd IMEI cannot be registered.

To check the status of a mobile device, dial *#06# and SMS the 15 digit IMEI codes to 8484.

Mobile device users are advised to get all IMEIs (dual SIM) of their mobile devices registered with PTA.

How to Register Mobile in PTA Free

Find out how to register your mobile phone with PTA in Pakistan. Easy code to register with PTA before your mobile phone, tablet and other devices are blocked.
According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), all SIM-based devices, including mobile phones, tablets and other devices, should be registered before October 20, 2018. Otherwise they will be disabled.

This new authentication system is called Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System (DIRBS).

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The process of registering your mobile device with PTA.
Easily send your mobile phone’s IMEI number to 8484.

You will receive a confirmation message from the PTA that your mobile device is registered. However there are some problems with authentication, and the answer may vary. The answers are given below.
• IMEI compliant.
IM device IMEI is correct.

Insert a SIM card for self-registration and call / SMS before or after 20/10/18.
IM devise IMEI non-compliant.

Please insert all your Sims into this device and use them prior to 20/10/18 to continue using this device.
• Device IMEI is blocked.

The theft was reported.

How to test your mobile phone IMEI?
Each mobile device has a separate IMEI number, you can get the number by dialing * 06 #. The IMEI number is also hidden in your mobile phone box.

If you can remove your mobile phone battery, print the IMEI number there.

Video instructions
Check out these videos on UrduPoint’s YouTube channel for more explicit instructions.

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