How to open an Easy Money account?

With more than 70,000 shops nationwide, Azipisa is not only providing services to the public but also enhancing employment opportunities for individuals. Its constant innovation has given it the power to grow beyond providing easy money transfer services to meet the financial needs of the common man. With Easy Money, Bill Payment, Sending or Receiving, Airtime Purchase, Salary Payment, Donation, Social Cash Transfer, Insurance and Savings and many other financial transactions, with security and ease. Can happen without an Internet connection.

Easy Money is a bank account on your phone, which provides easy access to services for the non-ban people of Pakistan. Services are also available for Telenor or Telenor users alike. You can easily open and use an Easy Money account in your home. The following are the steps to open your account using an EasyPisa app or mobile phone (SIM):

Using the Easyypaisa App.
Download the Easyypaisa app for Android or iOS.
Enter your mobile number and click Next.
Enter your CNIC number and CNIC release date.
Choose your city.
Generate your zip code and re-enter. (This will be used to login later)
You can easily take advantage of the services offered by Easy Money.
Use of mobile phone (SIM)
For Telenor Buyers:
Dial * 786 # from your phone.
You will be prompted to create a five-digit code.
You must re-enter the code to confirm.
Congratulations! Your Easy Money Account is activated. You can take advantage of any of the services by dialing * 6 78 * # or visiting the nearest Telenor franchise or Easy Money retailer.
For non-Telenor users:
SMS “EP CNIC Number” to 0345-1113737.
The Easy Money Representative will call you and register the Easy Money Money account after the required verification.
You will need a code to activate your account and take advantage of the services provided by Easy Money.
You will be able to use Easy Money Services via SMS at 0345-111-3737.
You can find the transaction process and other details on the official website.



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