Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen, Photos and Videos

If you do not want to know others that you are reading your messages, hide – Blue Taxes or the last scenes are made for you.

Take back your privacy on the social network and chat with this amazing app. Now your friends do not have the freedom to check out the last post or blue without having to read, read, and work for the top apps’ messages.

Finally! Read more readers, check the check number, double the blue or not the last time!

Hide – Blue Tax or the Last Time is very easy to use: Hide when you receive one of these messaging applications – Blue Tech or previous ship request. There, you can read it freely, whenever you want, none of your friends know if you’ve seen it.

There is no need to remove internet connection or enable offline mode:
Hide – Provides a beautiful design and easy way to use the blue tax or the last minute interface, where you can easily access the messages and set it through your messenger!

Hidden – available in blue tax or some last features are available:

Read your messages on the Internet

  • Not last seen, not Blue Tech, finally did not see all of the popular apps.
    Read hidden messages hidden and hidden messages.
    Enjoy your photos, videos and audio files without leaving the double navigation check notification
    In addition, you can now hide your personal photos and videos
    Hide your photos and videos from the outside world.
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