GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – no last seen

The app that talks about you secretly and does not record your lens time, which is also not a piece of blue for setup.

With this app, you can communicate directly with WhatsApp contacts
And definitely without online.

Offline Pocket Chat Offline for WhatsApp:

Easy to use 1.
2- Call voice and video instead of being displayed online and hide the last time.
3- Check your voicemail messages, pictures, and voice messages personally without getting online.
4- 4 Voice Apps contacts are available to send the message offline at any time.
By sending a message to your number, 5 easy communication with unsecured contacts.
6- Send photo.

Pro Features:

1- Direct Chat: Chat with WhatsApp user without saving name in touch.
2- Text Refrigerator: Re-text and share text message to multiple rows in the second second.
3- Empty message: Send blank message to WhatsApp.

How to work

1- Offline Pocket Chat offline for WhatsApp.
2- You need to allow permission.
3- Grand notification allowed. This is an important step for the app to work.

4 says it

Please note:

  • The app needs access services to work fully (retrieve window content) and send a message via voice app.
  • After you install the app, you will be asked to provide access to notifications. This is an essential step for the app to work.

Some notes:

  • Not available less than 5.0 to send messages with the Android version.
  • WhatsApp Messenger should install this application to use.


Please note: This app is an independent and does not include the app associated with any other company.

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