Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster

Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster

Another only gaming mode app on PlayStore comes from fifty sets of features to enhance your gaming experience. Set it once and gaming mode will rest for you.

How it works?
You can set different settings that the game will automatically apply. You can set up the global or online settings based on sports. The gaming mode also remembers your current device settings and closes the service notification after the gameplay session after the re-notification after notification. Now you do not have to fix around your device settings before each gameplay session.

What are all the features?
✓ Revoke auto-incoming calls.
Contact the Vitalist Number or Contact Auto Deletion.
✓ Allow call from anonymous number when dismissing.
✓ Allow calls to a specific number within specific calls, when they receive the same number.
✓ block notifications.
✓ Clean background apps to freeze and enhance performance.
✓ Disable the brightness and set it to your desired level.
✓ Change the WiFi state.
✓ Change color ring and media volume.

Upcoming features
✓ Calling pressure instead of automatically dismissing (Android 7.0+).
✓ Select your own message from draft or default default templates and automatically send it automatically after the call is rejected.
✓ Vitalist apps preventing notification.
✓ Vitalist apps to prevent them from getting rid of backgrounds.
✓ Create a widget to launch games from your device home screen.

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