Force LTE Only APK MODE [ 2019 ]

This app will help you convert 4G / 3G / 2G networks and stay in the selected networks.
No auto-switch beacon 4G / 3G.
If you have free 4G data transfer and you need to pay for 3G, set the LED only for your LEDs.
Force LTE is not working on every phone. It depends on what brand or stock resort your phone has.
Some phone brands block the opportunity to force switch networks.
If your phone is not working then this app does not rate it as we are not dependent on it.
Force 4G LTE is an application that helps you to force your device into 4G LTE mode.

Most devices will not allow you to enter 4G LTE mode alone, they are limited to 4G / 3G / 2G options simultaneously. This does not always work when your device will call 3G network over 4G network.

The 4G LTE Force is here to help you overcome this restriction. With Force 4G LEDs, you can put your device in 4G LTE mode so your device doesn’t have to be your choice.

Force4GLED also has advanced and data configuration options that let you see your engineering screen to see advanced settings features for your device. It also comes with network data feature.

4G LED Force is not responsible for any tampering with advanced settings on your device, please use carefully.

This feature may not work on all devices due to manufacturer restrictions.

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The 4G LTE-only mode app enables you to change only LTE-only network mode, allowing advanced network settings can be selected, allowing you to open a hidden settings menu. It’s common that 4G networks are available, so switch to 2G or 3G networks more and more smartphones. But this app helps you choose 4G single mode and you can stay in this stable network.

In addition to this app allows you to open other hidden settings such as Notes login, Battery information, User ID and Wi-Fi information.


Switch to 4G network mode only
Lock phone in 4G / 3G / 2G stable network signal
Enable VoLTE on a support device

  • Advanced network configuration
    Open Notification Login
  • Open battery, Wi-Fi information and usage data
  • -> Switch to “LTE (4G) only” mode network
  • -> Usage statistics.
  • -> WiFi Information
  • -> Battery Information.
  • -> The phone will be ready to go through the Internet at least high speed.
  • -> You can enable VoLTE on supported devices (enables direct calling over 4G networks)
  • -> Advanced network data
  • -> Change network parameters
  • -> Rhythm on any network signal like 4G (LTE) / 3G / 2G
  • -> Only 4G LED Force
  • Only> WCDMA Force Force
  • -> On the Force 3 only
  • -> Many other methods are available.


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