Football Manager 2019 Mobile Apps Review

The world’s biggest player in your pocket …

The Football Manager 2019 mobile offers an amazingly slow and realistic management experience, with the world’s most famous football club looking forward to your arrival.

What first step will you get in the Trophy-Laden career? All the countries have to pick 56 League to 56 League.

Would you be blessed by a team talented or taken to the project that needs to be built from below?
The biggest players around the world are literally in your pocket. Buy and sell them wisely to create the winner team and use the new training module to improve them.

There is a strategy board where a team of players has become a team. Do you choose strategies to fit your players or find players to make your system fit? Whatever you choose, you will find all the tools in your disposal …

When the days come, you will take your place from the top to the digital dubbed and you will pass your starting XI through the magic white line. As the process appears, it is your decision to make a difference.

New additions and upgrades to the new level of FM1 are confident that the 2018/19 season will be remembered:

Brand new league and license
There are two types of new places in Russia and China that are being tested abroad and are fully licensed for the first time in the history of the Amazing Laden Bassessleague series.

To train
Always monitor and run your players’ improvements with the new, customizable training system. Strong updates in the areas of hardness and hardness are especially important, where your staff provide well-known updates, and where they can work better.

Transmission and Concrete Reefamp
Now you will talk to clubs and athletes for a more vibrant and faster experience in real time. New slaves help you communicate with back-ups and at least fee releases, whereas the real life transfer is included in the future for the first time.

Enough number
Finally .. Now you make your players shirts with the introduction of fully custom squad numbers.

Team kits

For the first time in series history, you will see licensed kits that are drained in the game – and you can also design yourself in your “My Club” mode.

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Increase the increase space and the increase in VAR
Refreshed user interface
Better tactical scouting
Improve the game editor

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