FonePay is the easiest way to pay anyone or for anything instantly

The iPhone is the easiest way to pp any or immediately! This is the safest way to manage your payment, gift card, rewards and loyalty. Book and book for book tickets, travel to your desired places and much more than just a tape. Make your online payments for movies, shopping, gaming, TV shows, movies you’ve named! Pay on your favorite retailers with snap or tape from your app! Recharge your mobile account, pay your bills, and get rewards and points with each click. Download now and start using!

Retail payment
Pay on your favorite retail store using FonePay. If only by scanning a QR code or entering the merchant identification, the payment will be deducted directly from your connected account or gift card. You can create gift cards within your app and send or send your loved ones.

Online payment
The fonts allows you to pay on any online website with any tap. Just scan the QR code displayed on the web site or enter the merchant identification and you’ll be done with your payment.

Book and pay for your movies tickets, including bus and movie tickets. When using the app to book your movie tickets Phonespy offers you with advanced features such as set sets.

Other payment

Pay for your utility bills with great convenience. The phone gives you an opportunity to pay directly to your connected bank account without having to pay for a bank.

Digital payment
Phone PP brings you various Internet payment and digital vouchers to make online payments easily by Google PlayStore, Apple App Store, Netflix, Steam, Holo, Amazon etc.

Loyalty and reward

Pays loyalty! FonePay will provide you with the opportunity to touch them on any retail or online store so much to manage your rewards and loyal points.

Link accounts and gift cards
FonePay is a real digital wallet that allows you to link and manage all your payment devices on the same mobile app. You can connect to multiple bank accounts of different banks, and create gifts or gift cards for any of your loved ones, or you want to buy from another universe you have. Has been brought.

Close traders
FonePay allows you to find traders in your area that provides you with great deal, discounts and offers when using the app.

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