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We are working on the intelligence of social media websites such as Facebook, In grammar, Paintress, Twitter, and various other artists. So we have developed a kind of algorithm in which these websites work and engage in social and other websites. We currently wrap 3 websites. Later we are walking in other countries. Current working countries? List of countries in which LiveTracker is doing 100% correct. Osman Mobile Network Details In 2008, Pakistan was declared as the third fast-growing telecommunication market. Telecommunications in Pakistan are coming daily every day, mobile network, telephone and internet market is part of Pakistan telecommunication industry. Important factors in the development of telecommunications in Pakistan are more in the construction of fiber optics across the country to provide domestic investment and network to mobile network domains. Due to graduation in Pakistan, several mobile networks went ahead to facilitate telecommunications services. There are 4 GSM operators in India, Zong, Mobilink, Telenor, and UFO, later after Jazz got Mobilink and Ward. Mobile internet services are being distributed widely in Pakistan, including 2 million, 3G, and 4G, which will be owned by a mobile network in the near future. Telenor and Mobilink Network are offering LET / 3G in most areas of Pakistan, Zong, and Ward, providing LTE / 4G in some major cities or cities.

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