CrookCatcher – Anti Theft App Reviwe

CrookCatcher – Anti Theft  
App Reviwe

Disaster Scene # 1: Is Your Phone Stolen?

CrookCatcher can be installed on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll have the opportunity to get it back!

CrookCatcher hides behind your lockscreen and, if someone tries to unlock your phone with an incorrect phone, the person’s picture is facing the front camera.

CrookCatcher also email your device’s current GPS location.

So your phone is stolen or your partner / partner is just snoopy, CrookCatcher always knows if you’re interviewing!


• Take a picture with a secret code when someone tries to unlock your phone from a wrong code.

• Sends email photo, GPS support, accuracy, estimated street address, map and Google device manager, with which you can track your device’s location 24/7.

• Works with pin code , password and pattern lock.

Combined map and image view to browse photos inside the app.

• It’s definitely silent and secrets (turn off notifications in settings).

• No battery drainage – A hacker runs after entering a wrong code.

• Try taking the picture before taking it

• Acceptable GPS settings (timeout and desired accuracy)

The app is free – for you. Ads are included on the app for the app. I’m not able to eat or crush without advertising. Get an experience by promoting premium development and promotion within the app.

Premium features

Find the right SIM card (Send email with SIM and carrier information: Subscribe, operator name, SAM country and SIM serial number. This information helps you find your phone with a smart carrier.

Find the break (If a person is caught by the cricketer, but then the phone is successful by opening the phone, another picture takes the coke)

• Re-email email (if you phone offline, take pictures, then post online email)

• Change email theme (useful for preventing thief if you receive notifications from your email app)

• Hide new image notifications until you open the phone

• Alert message (The thief was caught when a customer warning message appears in the local area. For example, you can tell the thief to show your photo or show a picture of the police!)

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