Caller ID, Calls, Phone Book & Contacts: Eyecon App Reviwe

Caller ID, Calls, Phone Book & Contacts: Eyecon
App Reviwe

Use our actual caller ID for call-id, and click on the icon to see the unknown caller and photo and the names of the contacts in your phone book. Automatically add photos to your phone dealer, contact and address book with the icon synced with Facebook. See the number of unknown calls with our easy caller ID and smart dial contacts. Call the app to automatically send messages and engage quickly.

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✓ Visual – We are compatible with Facebook and other social media channels to create an identifying address book and dialer identity for the actual photographs of your contacts. When you receive dialing or call, see names and pictures instead of anonymous names and numbers instead of your contacts.

✓ SAFE – Protect yourself with spam and anonymous phone calls from your caller ID. Our call ID is based on the identity of Facebook and other social media, so the images are of high quality and the information is absolutely accurate. Who can call you who controls the block to block

✓ Connecto – Sync your dialer, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Messaging, Email, Skype, LinkedIn and more through your favorite Apple icon.

✓ Final personal nature – Control how your photo and contact information are made in your friend’s address book and by calling on the phone. Choose one of our 30+ themes to customize your address book with your own skin options! Change your settings to determine your dual or simple settings, caller ID notifications etc.

✓ Availability Checker – Find out if you allow your friends to answer or if you are busy, you can respond to the “talk you talk talk” feature with your intervention.

✓ Intuitive – our technology learns your preferences because you communicate with your eyes and use your phone dealer. We manage contacts by contact and communication icon according to the people we use most often.

Set up – Enjoy our part of various types of games, automatically sync photos with your photos and find a new picture of your friends.

✓ Add to Contacts – After communicating with someone who is not already in your phone book, use your Builder Caller ID so that extra additional contact with easily suggested name and photo is additional additional additional additional additional Add.

✓ Individual – Easily login to your phone number without logging in with the third party party social media without logging in.

Our intuitive and photo-based phone book makes it easy to manage your address book and identify your contacts. Connect to social media, text messaging, and email apps on one screen for all communications.

In one click, just call a better phone book and Android dealer and call! Our intuitive image and icon phone book will turn you into a great and more social experience. We support single and dual simphones.

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