Call Sarzameen

The Ministry of Oceanis Pakistanis and the Ministry of Human Resource Development launched a call on Monday, Sarzameen complain and an e-governance web portal.

In his speech at the Prime Minister’s Supporting Special Launch ceremony on the Zulfi Bukhari from Pakistanis abroad, he said: “The foreign ministry of Pakistanis is opt-in for the first [ministry] e-Governance.”

Bukhari, meeting the prime minister, is being investigated by the Supreme Court, “I do not accept manual files.” . “Thick files are lost all day and nothing else is now computerized;” Updates on a Tracking System Files show what is created, “

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The prime minister’s special call for the special call Sarzameen and E Governance portals explained the purpose of the web and said: “Call Sarzameen center while calling the call of the phone will be Sarzameen, the world will hear their complaints right away across the day working for oceans across Pakistanis Will also be prepared. “

According to the ministry spokesman, “Call Sarzameen is a complainant for Pakistanis living abroad. These complaints can reach the prime minister who can take action right now.”

About the e-governance website, the spokesperson said: “The elegance of Pakistanis and the digitalise ministry of human resource development is a great step.

“The culture of paper is being overwhelmed and the ministry is going online so that daily work can be more than a day.”


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