Brothers in Arms 3 – Game Reviwe

Fight the brave soldiers or become Sergeant Wright on the frenzy of multi-player battlefields in World War II and the experience of drama solo travel for life after the invasion of D-Day.

Army rank in multiple CLIMB

4 Map Master and enjoy.
Get started with game modes 2: Free and Team Deathmatch for everyone.
Open changing suits by playing with each weapon category!
The soldier is only mortal as his weapon. Be sure to upgrade whenever possible!

A unique one-on-one fighting experience based on a band
Use your brothers to get a strategic advantage!

Spread your various abilities: Air strikes, Molotov, rocket explosion, mortar shells and many more.
Open new collaborators. Upgrade them to experienced soldiers: production damage, ability to cool down, HP pool, AOI capacity damage and more!

Diving in the play is not married

Work smoothly on a third person basis with free movement.
Different types of missions such as attack, sniper, siege and infiltration.
Killcam rounded effective

Choose your favorite weapons

Open new weapons and turn them into final arsenal with upgrades like fire rate, recoil, reload speed or clip size!
Discover the power of the experimental weapons game!
Wreak havoc with your wonderful abilities: triple bullet or infinite, electrical discharge and more!

Enjoy IA-Catching visual effects

Amazing internal and external settings
Weather and time changes.
Graphics Similar to the console for the AAA gaming experience

Wins amazing prizes at special events

Challenge the ladder: For better rewards, the task gradually increases the difficulty.
Limited time events with special drops.

Get important information directly about your right
• Take advantage of SmartWatch companion app with many features!
• Claiming the prize, registering for events, checking weapons information, etc.!
• Enjoy awesome skin animations!
• Motorola is available in Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Sony SmartWatch 3, ASUS Genwatch, and Samsung SM-R 382.

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