Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

Store, trade, credit, and receive # 1 Cryptocurrency Wallet with Wallet.

Bulchchin supports Walt Buttune (BTC), Ethernum (ATI), Buttune Cash (BCC) and Steeler (XLM).

In more than 140 countries, confidence by counting users of 30 million wallets and counting, digital currencies are stored, stored in non-careful pressures. With Blockchain Walt, you only have access to your private keys (we do not store them).

You can quickly move with someone in the world and change your financial system from your pocket.

Create a new Blockchain vault or access your current one on your mobile device. It’s free and takes a few seconds.

Help or a question? Our best class support team will always be for you. Get accessed on or Twitter –AskBlockchain.

You will get here here

  1. Security
  • Exclusive control of your wallet private keys
  • Set 4 digit pin or biometric fingerprint identification
    Keep bad guys with two step-stages advanced
    World-based researchers feel safe, regular security audits are running
  1. Ease of use
    Send instant batteries, sky, buttons cash and styling to everyone in the world
  • Payment request easily in cryptocurrencies with ease – anytime, anywhere
  • Manage your accounts and see transaction details
  1. Access to markets
    Buy and sell buttons smoothly
    Trade between Bitcoin, Sky, bitcoin Cash and Steeler
  • Cricket accepts market market prices always know

More features

20 + FI Currency Conversion Rate
18 languages
Clock track costs from the address only

  • QR Code Support Easily to send or receive payment
    To increase transaction privacy – Harmagnetic Decision Address Architecture
    Dynamic fee
    Easy backup and maintenance with 12 words backup Joomla
  • TOR block
  • open source
  • Paper Walt Import
  • server side atomic for maximum randomization

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Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

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