Best Picture editor App for Andriod

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FaceApp is a mobile application for iOS and Android developed by Russia company Wireless Lab which uses neural network technology to automatically generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs. The app can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or even change gender

So before doing this two years ago, the app has gone to the Wireless. The effect has improved but these apps come from many other types of wireless apps, and move through the waves running or infected by the infection network. We already cover this special image image editor two years ago from a team of Russian developers.

It has been re-viral due to some features, which allows you to change the face of a person to be age or small. It is possible to remember you at one place because of what he has done to a personality by changing someone else to digital blackflower.

In this current wave of wireless, some new questions about FaceApp are fixed. First of all does it upload to your camera’s background. We did not get any evidence nor will the Security Researcher and Guardian App CEO Will Strafach or researcher Baptiste Robert.

Secondly, allowing you to take photos without access to the image on the app. Here you can see a video of this behavior:

Although the app allows you to select any image without any picture of your photo library, while it allows 100% of the API API introduced in iOS. This is a developer that allows the user to take the same image from one system. Apple dialog to work. You can see the documentation here and here.

IMG 54E064B28241 1

Since the user has to tap on a photo, it also provides Apple that loves Apple. User intention You’ve clearly tapped it, so it’s OK to send a picture. This behavior is purely pure in my opinion. It allows you to upload an image instead of your entire library. You can not see your photos as long as you do not tap anyone. It’s better than just having your entire library on a jokey meme app.

Unfortunately, even here is nothing serious about injustice because Apple also allows the app to call this API even if the user access access to anytime at any time. Is. In my opinion, if you have never given it, then you have to change that an image can be inserted with a library from your library, it does not matter who is in it. It’s never a default, it’s a clear choice and a permanent user intends to be a user of a new user picker.

I believe Apple should find the way to improve it in the future or it is clear or inconvenient that if people have clearly chosen to share photos in the app.

IMG 0475
A good idea may be that alternatives of ‘Only once’ in the upcoming iPhone 13 may be appropriate.

However, something that FaceApp does, however, it uploads your image to cloud for processing. Like Apple’s first party app, this device does not process and thus enables third parties through its ML libraries and routines. This user has not been clarified.

I asked the face app that they do not inform the user that the image is processed in the cloud. I also asked them to retain pictures.

See how many screen shot people know about banking and seriousness about them, these days, access to photos is a major security threat. With the abrasive and optical character recognition technique you can automatically automatically change the path of information about ‘public images’.

Therefore, in general, I think it is necessary that we carefully consider the safety arrangements to protect photo archives and access the methods and methods of the application.

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