Best Mobile Number Tracker App

Best Mobile Number Tracker App


The application helps you control and run your mobile phone from your mobile phone. You can get your mobile location, raise your voice, raise your voice, send a message to your mobile phone, enable or disable the mobile number, make it up to 5 seconds and even identify your email. It can also Email Images. You can do all this even when your mobile is not with you. Please note that in order to install the app you must disable admin discretion provided to the applications. To do this, you need to open the app and click the inactive button and then install

You need to take these steps Mobile Number Tracker App

  • Install the app in your mobile phone
  • Email Email and Register by Pin (No spam mail is guaranteed).
  • Log in to (track for phone call), provide the same email address and pinpoint. Your mobile is still ready to remove. All features are completely free. What you can do with this app.
  • Get a place – get your device space even when you do not have a device
  • Take the photo / front camera. The photo will be emailed to your registered email address.
  • Data on your device can enable and disable or disable the data on the device
  • Circle Jhand – Even when the mobile volume is low, the sign will be played with full volume
  • Display message – Displays text of a message that contains your screen
  • Call a mobile phone number
  • Get the location – Current device and display of the device using Google Maps

Follow these Steps

  • Close your device. It needs administrator stability.
  • Change your device’s pin. It needs admin discrimination.
  • Take 30 seconds of video capture
  • Vibration – takes your device up to 5 seconds
  • Enable / Disable WIFI
  • Enable / Disable Mobile Data
  • Enable / Disable GPS
  • Whenever your device’s efforts are disabled, you will be caught in front of the camera in your device. In addition, the mobile will play loudly on a consistent effort of continuous efforts (it has 3 successful failed attempts – can be changed in the app settings)

Device administrators use (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission)
If you enable the device administrator’s discretion for the app, the app will be able to perform the following actions.

  1. When trying to unlock the device and permanently fails it 3 times, the app takes an image using the front camera in front of the app, and with this photo, you will receive a mail Will send
  2. Change the instrument device by issuing an order
  3. Turn off the device immediately

You can enable or disable Admin Devices for the app inside the app at any time. The option to disable/disable app management is provided at the app’s main perspective. A notification will be displayed in the background during any operation.

Compliance with Google Policy
To apply Google policy, any of the apps receives the GCM command from our web site and whenever this app runs in the background, we will show the top-time notifications. In addition to the registration and status of the registry,

No further details will be sent and the result of Commander Honor will be sent on the website. Details of registration are safely stored in the server in the US. Users can unregister at any time and clear the details from the server by any mobile. The app can not be used as a spy app because the app icon can not be hidden and the notification may not be inactive. EULA carefully read

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