ApowerMirror – Mirror&Control

ApowerMirror is a powerful screen mirror application to stream Android and iOS screens on Windows computers or Macs. In addition, lets you control remote Android devices on a computer using the mouse and keyboard.

Mirror and control android screen
This app can show the Android device’s screen on a computer or projector. In addition, you can take full control of the screen with the mouse and the keyboard. So, you can share PPT with your partners, enjoy movies on the big screen or play phone games such as Clash’s Clash, Clash Royal, and Pc Stone.

Record and capture phone screen
This device enables you to record all activity on your phone screen inactive. Whether you want to record how a new published app works, or you have a wonderful fight in this game, this is what you need. Still, it’s worth taking screenshots with any click you want.

Send a message using the keyboard
If you want to send SMS, Facebook, twitter, snippet or other messages, this application provides typing services to you and sends messages using a computer keyboard. And you can change the input method directly to the PC.

Show Android notifications on PC
Once there is a notification on your phone, for example, incoming calls, a new message, or business email, it will be presented on PC at the same time. When you’re working on a computer, you will not miss any important notifications.

Connect via USB and WiFi
You can choose to connect your PC with a USB cable or via a wireless network. Allows you to remove Android from WiFi while using a USB cable provides a stable user experience.


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