Age of Z Game Review

Create zombies, zombies, allies, and lead human civilizations in the zombies return in missing zombies strategy!

Zombie apocalypse threw at the age of humanity ink. You’re light in the dark now. Avoid large number of machines, explosives, and high-speed military soldiers. Kill the zombie cutter, strengthen the civilization by building your city, saving the refugees, and bringing new global prosperity. Almost all the coalition commanders worldwide crush their rivals and increase investment so that they can lead a new age of humanity.

Because of age, zombie may be a threat … but with horse horse and beast stock are real danger!

Recruitment, innovation and death! Create large forces of human ground, killer machine guns, and high-tech laser cannons.
Heroes win the day! Filling unique characters to lead your army, including a sexy international detective, a mad scientist, honorable sheriff, and more!
Fight many faces of death! Mutant zombies, zombies, death mothers and other intense dead creatures wait for your challenge.
Real introduction: You must upgrade and upgrade the top, bottom, and strategy of the 3D maps of the lakes and mountains! The right path is the difference between life and death!

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Clean the zombies hoards! Send block blocks with your city blocks, hospital maintenance, housing, and tax and weapon centers!
To maintain your city to increase the score for refugee and rescue and rescue!
Change the map of the world before your eyes! You will be able to unlock new promotional actions around the world, bonus and new gameplay!

Try again
Speed, Crash, and Dominate! Your Alliance will be able to control the map, which runs hundreds of players and handle real-time battles!
With great global players around the world, a great alliance from embassy or anger and fraud. The zombie threat is just the beginning!
Massacre massacres massacre for mass, resources, and tech. Only one coalition candidate can claim the capital and choose the president!

Do you think the commander? Envelope war starts!

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